Managing your Leads with CreataCRM

To manage your Sales Pipe line for leads, Remember you have enable a lead to display in the Deck

Manage the Leads from Deck

  1. Click on Navigation button
  2. Click on the Home Page
  3. Click on the Deck
  4. Leads and Sales Tab

Deck Filters

  1. Users
  2. Filter different Process
  3. Filter different Status
  4. Type
    1. All is all Type
    2. Quote = Quote
    3. Opportunties = Opprtunities
    4. Lead = Leads

The Sale Deck

  1. Stages on the Sale
  2. Funnel icon = Lead
  3. Flag = Estimated Date Close is Overdue
  4. Paper = Quote
  5. The Name of the Lead
  6. Graph icon = Opportunity
  7. If Opportunity, Shopping Chart = Quote on opportunity
  8. Probability = This Changes Colour. Red = 100% 0% = Blue. The higher the % is, the Hotter it gets
  9. Brown = Esimated Value
  10. Blue = Weighted total = Meaning Total X probability
  11. Title of Opportunity
  12. Company Name of Opportunity
  13. Green = Quoted Value

The Deck

You can Drag and Drop the Sale Stages to from one Stage to the other

This example Moves from Prospect to Initiate Contact

Lead Pop up options

Because the Lead is the first stage, you have a lot of options for a lead. It can be converted to a Quote, Opportunity.

  1. Close Inactive
  2. Close Sale
  3. Close Won
  4. Create a Quote and Covert Lead to be a Quote
  5. Create a Opportunity and Convert the lead to a Opportunity
  6. Edit Lead
  7. View the Details

Quote and Opportunity Pop up

  1. Close Inactive
  2. Close Sale
  3. Close Won
  4. Edit Lead
  5. View the Details

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