Re-occurring invoices

With CreataCRM allows you to create reoccurring invoices, This gives you the ablilty to so monthly subscription, services other re-occurring event for invoices. This article explains how you can setup a re-occurring invoice

To Create a Re-occurring invoice

First you need to goto an existing invoice on a client

  1. Click on the navigation Bar
  2. Click on Sales dashboard
  3. Click on invoice you would like to become re-occurring
  4. Click on the eye button

You can either use a Existing invoice or a create a new invoice

This example we will be using an existing invoice

Clone the Invoice

  1. click on Tools
  2. click on Clone

Clone Key information

  1. Clone will bring in the customer details
  2. And the Items from the clone invoice

Save and View

Save and View to Create a copy of the reocurring invoice

Edit the new Clone invoice

Click on Recurrence

Setup your Recurrence

  1. This Example, we are going to create a monthly invoice every first Monday
  2. Click on OK
  3. Save and Close

This will create a recurrence every month on Monday

You will have a history of all the Occurences from this invoice

Yuo can review all the repeating invoices in the invoice Dashboard

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