Converting a Quote to a Job

In this article, we will explain how we can Convert a Quote to a Job and relating features Quote to Jobs

First Goto the Quote to Convert Job to Quote

  1. When sending a Quote to Jobs, you can group the Quote into sections to split the Quote into one Job or mutiple Jobs
  2. You can mark the item as a Labour and Material. This will group into Labour an Materials

To Convert Quote to Jobs

  1. Goto Click on Tools
  2. Click on Create Job

Quote to Job Option

  1. Assign to user
  2. Tick on the Groups to goto the Job (example First Level and Ground Floor

When the sending Quote to Jobs it groups into many areas

  1. Linked Quote Ex Tax
  2. Profit of the quote
  3. Material Estimated Cost, Total Cost of the Quote lines or Extra Job item lines
  4. Estimated Cost is the total cost of the Quote lines or Extra Job item lines
  5. Items have been group into sections(This example First Floor and 2nd Floor)

In the Order centre

  1. Defaults to your warehouse
  2. Stock Status

DetailView of Job from Quote

  1. Name of Customer from Quote
  2. Allocated time of Job from total Labour time
  3. Labour are assign to tasks

Labour Assign to deck

Labour is on the Job Deck

Labour is on the Job Gantt

  1. Allocated time
  2. Gantt to reshedule the time

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