Order Builder App

The order builder App is used to order products from purchase history, allowing users to be on the road, and add items from previous sales. This tool is great for users to see what customers have purchase and when. Then create a Invoices, Sales order, Job or a Quote from the list of items.

Go to Order Builder App

  1. Go to the Navigation Bar
  2. Click on Home
  3. Click on Order Builder

Order Builder

  1. Search for Customers
  2. Purchase History
  3. Products Bought in Last x days
  4. Search for items
  5. Price to Use on the Quote, Sales Order, Jobs or Invoice
    1. Current : The Current Price
    2. Min Price : Cheapest price you have sold them
    3. Maximine price you have sold them
    4. Average price you have sold them
  6. Items of Quote, Sales Order, Jobs and Invoice

Ordering fromt he Order builder

  1. Because we get the history of the invoices from your accountancy package, you can expand the day of the search, to as longs as it goes, this example is 5000 days. This will you a list of all the items the client has purchased.
  2. Then we can add the items needed to be purchased.

Order from the selected items

  1. You can modify the price
  2. you can modify the Quantity
  3. You can create a Quote, Sales order, Job or Invoice

Pop up below whn creating the item

It will create the invoice, to goto or view later.

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