Managing your Leads with CreataCRM

To manage your Sales process and stages in CreataCRM

Click on Process in the Sales Setting

  1. Click on the Hamburger Button
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Process

Default Process

The Default Process is Sales Cycle, which is displays in the lead management, the sales Opportunity and the Deck

Double Click on the Sales Cycle row or the Sales Process you would like to change

Sales Process

  1. Name of the Process
  2. When you create new Lead, and opportunity, it will default to this.
  3. Description
  4. List of Stages
  5. Order of stage. Lower the number the higher it will be in the list. You can have the same number
  6. Propability = Total X Probability = Weighted total. Meaning $100 X Prospect =15, which is 0.15 = $15
  7. This is the Stage Group in the Sale Overview page There can be more than one stage in the Stage Group
  8. New Stage

Adding a New Stage

Click on the New Button

Adding a New Stage

To add a stage

  1. Name of the Stage
  2. Probability of the stage 90/100 = 90%
  3. Order of the Stage Lowest is first
  4. Description

Then click on Save and Close

To Delete a Stage

To Delete a Stage

Click on the Delete Button

To Delete a Stage

Click on OK on the pop up

If you would like to link to a Stage group that is on the Sales overview page

Click on Stage Group

  1. Goto the Navigation Bar and click on admin
  2. Settings
  3. Sales
  4. Stage Grorup

To get a better understanding on the Default Sale Group click on Sales Process Overview To open a Stage Group, either Click on the Edit icon, or single click on the one that you would like to change, This example is prospect stage group.

Click on the link button

Select the Stage

Select the Stage, either double click on this or click on OK button

Stage has been added to the Stage Group

The selected stage has been added to the stage group

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