Opportunities Overview

Opportunties are great for managing on going deals and Opportunties, Were is leads is on boarding new business. Opportunities is great for managing deals that be once off for a business or recurring opportunties. This document is a basic overview of what is an opportunty.

To Goto opportunties

  1. Click on the navigation bar
  2. Click on Sales
  3. Click on Opportunties

Opportunties Overview

  1. Results
    1. Open Opportinties If the Status = Open
    2. Won Opportunities If the Status = Won
    3. Lost Opportunities if the Status = Lost
    4. Statistics = Win/ Lost Ratio
      1. Win Rate = Total Won/ Total in Filters
      2. Lost Rate = Total Lost/ Total in Filters
      3. Est Close Date < Todays Date that are Opened
  2. List of Opportunties

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