In CreataCRM you can setup Terms for payment which can set the due date for Quotes, Sales orders, Purchase orders and invoices

Goto Terms

  1. Click on the Nav Bar
  2. Click on Sales
  3. Click on Terms

Create a Term

  1. Create a New Button
  2. Payment Due
    1. In a Given Number Of Days = Today Plus the number of days,
    2. Specific day of Month = Example 15th Day of Month = 15/1/2019
    3. Given number of days after end of month = Example 10 days after the end of the month (101/2019)
    4. Specific day after end of month = Like the 3 day of the end of the month = 3/1/2019
  3. Number of days
  4. Make default is customer is not set
  5. Name of the Term

Please note that we do sync the your terms from accountancy system, So this will likely setup if you have setup in Creatacrm.

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