Modify existing Invoice Templates

With CreataCRM,you can send email emplates inside a invoice, which we can also attach the number of custom reports of the email template, and then mark the invoice as Sent inside of CreataCRM. This document explains how you can send your own custom email out with the attached report and mark the invoice as sent.

Goto Email Templates

You can goto email templates and review the Default invoice Email template

Search for invoice Templates

  1. Search for the Name invoice in the search row in under invoice.
  2. IS Inplace template is for allow the email template to display in Detail view
  3. This is the target type, you will need to modify Type = invoice
  4. Choose Basic Invoice Email Template to get started

Invoice Email Templates

  1. Type needs to be invoice to target to display on invoices
  2. Invoice Status after Sending Template: This is great when sending a invoice, it will change the status. For example to Sent
  3. You can attach reports to load up when sending. You can also add mutiple reports at the same, like Outstanding Statement or activity statement. If we Support this from your accountancy package.
  4. You can mail merge fields from the invoice, like PrimaryContact!.FristName and InvoiceNumber.
  5. This is a client page for the users to view the invoices. this also can be customised and design these pages

Modify the template

Click pn the Edit Butttom to edit the template

Change the Invoice Status

Change the invoice Status on sending to Send and save and close

Add a report that runs on sending

  1. Click on the report attachments
  2. Click on New
  3. Attach a invoice report, to review and change reports click on this document

Goto a Invoice

  1. Navigation Bar
  2. Sales
  3. Invoices

Send the Email

  1. Click on the Send button on the top right
  2. Click on Send Email Template
  3. Basic Invoice Email Template

Email Template

  1. This will Mail merge the template
  2. And also attach a report that has been mail merge

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